Attention Students: Science Funding Needs Your Help!

US Capitol BuildingAs a student, federal funding for science education and research has a profound impact on your professional future as a scientist. This funding is currently being threatened by the impending ‘fiscal cliff.’ If Congress cannot reach a budget agreement by January 2, 2013, immediate across–the–board budget cuts will slash all federal discretionary spending – including science accounts.

These cuts will impact undergraduate research opportunities, funding for graduate students to pursue research, as well as postdoc and industry jobs; not to mention the damage it will do to the largest single driver of economic growth: scientific and technological innovation.

The American Physical Society has drafted a letter to Congress on behalf of students to make sure our lawmakers know the importance of science funding. You can read the letter and add your signature on the APS website. Sign on by September 14, 2012 to make sure your voice is heard!

As a future leader in the scientific enterprise and technological innovation, your voice is important on Capitol Hill!

For further information about the potential cuts, please visit the Biophysical Society’s website or contact Ellen Weiss at

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