Back to School, Back to Science

With the end of August comes the start of school for high school students across the globe. Many of these students will soon be participating in their local science fairs. Some of those students will advance on to the regional or state level, and a select group of fair participants will be the recipient of the Biophysics Award. This BPS-sponsored award highlights the best biophysics-related science fair project, as selected by a BPS member who volunteers to serve as judge.

BPS has been sponsoring the Biophysics Award at science fairs across the country for the past three years. In 2012, the award was given out at 26 different fairs, four at the state level. These regional and state contests took place in Maryland, Virginia, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Indiana, Connecticut, New York, Iowa, Utah and Texas.

This science fair initiative, sponsored by the BPS Public Affairs Committee, raises biophysics awareness at the high school level and encourages the next generation of scientists to continue their research. As you make your calendar for the upcoming school year, consider volunteering at your local science fair. As a BPS member judging at regional or state fair, the Biophysical Society will sponsor a Biophysics Award at your fair for free!

Contact the Society at to get an award sponsored at your local fair.

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