Summer Course Students, Alums Gather for a Relaxing Weekend in North Carolina

Despite flight delays and cancelations, there was no stopping the 2012 Biophysics Summer Course Reunion from taking place. The 16 Summer Course alumni who traveled from around the country to attend didn’t let severe thunderstorms prevent them from attending this annual event in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Summer course students and alums gather

Current and past students enjoyed an impromptu karaoke session.

The weekend kicked off with traditional North Carolina-style BBQ, complete with hush puppies and peach cobbler. Current students and alums were introduced and spent the evening mingling and relaxing. A few of the more musical students found their way to a piano and initiated a spirited sing-along of pop songs and karaoke classics.

The next morning, the current class of students showed the visiting alumni exactly why they were selected for this intense summer research program. All 12 participants presented their research projects. Mike Jarstfer, course co-director, and the visiting alumni asked thought provoking questions, spurring discussion and debate.

After lunch, the alumni got a chance to give talks on their current research or on how the Summer Course impacted them. Speakers emphasized the importance of networking and superb communication skills when job hunting or applying to graduate programs. One speaker suggested developing short and long term goals to help keep focus.

Summer course students and alums

Summer Course students and alums gathered for a reunion weekend in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The weekend ended with a dinner at the Carolina Brewery in downtown Chapel Hill. Alumni and current students dined in the relaxed atmosphere and chatted like they were old friends, all the while expanding their network of future scientists.


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