Mechanistic Model for the Assembly of ESCRT Proteins

Author Natalie Elia discusses the figure featured on the cover of the May 16 issue of Biophysical Journal. The figure is from the article, Computational model of cytokinetic abscission driven by ESCRT-III polymerization and remodeling, by authors Natalie Elia, Gur Fabrikant, Michael M. Kozlov, and Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz.

The figure presented in the cover shows our suggested mechanistic model for the assembly of ESCRT proteins at the intercellular bridge that connects two daughter cells at the end of cell division. To me, the cover image emphasizes the incredible resolution we can obtain nowadays in cellular imaging, highlighting the proportions between these micrometer scale assemblies and the cells themselves. In our work we integrated recently published in vitro reconstitution studies with high resolution imaging information and biophysical parameters to provide a detailed mechanistic view of ESCRT function in cytokinesis. This integrative approach provides new and exciting opportunities to dissect at the molecular level the mechanism of action of various cellular processes in intact cells. For more information about our research projects please visit my website.


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