Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor with the BPS Mentor Board

Are you a biophysicist in need of a mentor, or want to volunteer to mentor a biophysicist? Check out the new Mentor Board, an online tool that connects Biophysical Society members all over the world looking for mentors with members looking to volunteer as mentors.

A mentor can be an invaluable resource no matter where you are in your career. When you sign up for Mentor Board, you can choose a mentor with experience in the challenges you’re facing on your career path, whether it’s finding a postdoc position, getting tenure, or balancing time between your work and your family. You’ll have the option of choosing a mentor in your scientific area, or in a related area for a broader perspective.

Mentoring other biophysicists is a rewarding and manageable way to give back to the scientific community. Whether you’re looking to volunteer an hour a week or an hour a year, you can still be a mentor. Mentor Board lets you select your own commitment level so that you can decide how much mentoring fits into your schedule.

Create a mentor or mentee profile on Mentor Board and start networking today! Visit the mentoring page of the Society website for more information.


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