SOBLA Meeting

If anyone reading this wants to comment for correction or add any information please feel free to do so.

I am in the Sociedad de Biofisicos Latinamericanos meeting and have to brush up on my spanish! So here goes. The meeting begin with Dr. Miguel Holmgren of Johns Hopkins give a brief intro to the agenda of the meeting including what parts of the meeting would be spoken in Spanish and those in English. Also, discussing meeting sites for the Congreso Iberamericano de Biofisica in Chile 2013. Then Dr. Ramon Latorre open up with a warm introduction describing how SOBLA and how the meeting was dear to his heart. His talk was titled Large Ca activate Potassium (BK) Channel. This is a, and very versatile channel. It is voltage gated, highconductance, kv 6 TM homology, and Ca2+ regulated. Also, there is extra transmembrane in alpha subunit, S0. As well as beta accessories subunits, 2 TM, and extracellular loop. B1 and B2 subunits increase BK channel Ca2+ sensitivity and slow down activation and deactivation kinetics but each to a different extent. B1 acts on s0-s5 and RCK domain and B2 acts on RCK domain. Ca2+ presence affected voltage before and after channel opening. alpha + b1 mutations shifted the voltage negatively. Next was determining BK channel phenotype. He also described charaterization of BK gating currentsin the presence of the different B Subunits. He found that exchanging beta subunit loops does not alter Bk channel phenotype. However, intermediate behaviors are obtained by exchanging beta subunit cytoplasmic domains.

Next was discussing Luminescence resonance energy transfer (LRET) work on the polypeptide Lanthanide Binding tag (Donor) and Charybdotoxin R19C tetramethylsulfarhodamine (Acceptor). Interestingly enough this nuerotoxin comes from scorpion venom and blocks Ca2+ activated K channels which causes hyperexcitability of the nervous system. He then began discussing distance calculations of this Donor/Acceptor complex using a pentahedron configuration. I missed the conclusion (too much coffee during the day). When I came back there was discussion of determining movement of other subunits in parallel. It was mentioned that the time resolution of the experiment was 2ms and anything vibrating less than that was an average.

Overall the meeting was very energetic. There was passionate discussion of SOBLA business agenda. I look forward to joining SOBLA.

Afterwards, my wife and I headed down fifth in search of food! By then it was already 1030pm…we were starving. We had seen Burgerlounge before and decide to try it out. I ordered a salmon burger and Veronica ordered a veggie burger, that were both very good. The salmon burger came with a fried green tomato slice and a house BBQ sauce! mmmmmmmm. Burgerlounge is a definite must!!!

I am up catching up I my delayed blogs. I will be up early in eager anticipation of my poster arriving at the convention center from 858 graphics. I believe this will be the only and last time that I tweak a poster during a meeting. It was too distracting and cumbersome.

I will be at the sessions tomorrow in order to absorb as much as I can before I leave in the afternoon. I wish you all a safe return home. It was a joy to read your blogs and I hope to read them all and comment during my flight home.

Eric J.


One thought on “SOBLA Meeting

  1. Right enough, as you said it, there was a very passionate and rather controvertial discussion about the SOBLA agenda and its plans for the future. Particularly regarding the proposal of one of the last speakers (in Spanish, by the Argentinian speaker, do you know his name?). He basically proposed the formation of a commitee to evaluate and grant a special recognition to PhDs in Latinamerican countries (I guess including Portugal, Spain and Brazil).
    Well Eric, you’ve got a very nice blogg and it was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. Hope we can keep in touch. C ya.

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