Dining, chocolates, and interesting things on Fifth Ave.

Saturday Feb 25th started off with some fruit for breakfast at a 7 eleven then bike rentals from Bike Revolution on 6th and Market Ave ($35/night). We rode to the convention center and around the bay then parked at the center. Got my badge which was a streamlined process by scanning the barcode from the email on my phone. However, got bounced back and forth between two lines a couple times in order to buy a guest pass for my wife for the Monday night reception. Overall, it was quick and efficient.

I headed up to Nanoscale Biophysics subgroup and heard talks from Yang Liu and W. E. Moerner. Yang Liu talk was fascinating discussing the advantages of light scattering on target structure resolution. W. E. Moerner talk was also nicely given and how they are able to to use the ABEL trap to confine nanoscale particles/proteins labeled with fluorescent probes. Even though there trap was for very short time scales they were able to look at discrete photobleaching/dissassociation events.

In between these talks I visited the Biological Fluorescence subgroup and heard talks from Christoph Braeuchle and Paul W. Wiseman. Christoph Braeuchle discussed novel smart nano particles for drug delivery. Encapsulation of these nanoparticles in a membrane was essential for delivery and release time of the drug. Paul Wiseman delivered a great talk on advances in FCS for cell imaging by using a k space algorithm for showing discrete elongation and movement along actin filaments as an example.

Afterwards my wife and I headed down Fifth Ave. in order to find something good to eat. I quickly pulled out my phone and browsed to the local recommendations post. First on list cafe Sevilla. We dined outside because the place was packed. It was a chilly evening but they had outside heaters. We ordered a tapas sampler and shrimp brochette, which was grilled shrimp on a skewer. The food was on the high end $$ but very delicious. We trekked up further to Ghiradelli shop and grabbed a Lombard hot chocolate and some ice cream. The hot chocolate was interesting. You received steamed milk with four Ghiradelli truffle chocolates to break up and mix into the steamed milk. Very good! On the patio enjoying our treats we saw Robot man performing and also dog driving a remote control car. Intense. We then saw a man playing a guitar with his feet!

Overall Fifth Ave. is the place to be!

Fifth Ave highlights


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