Wine and Science…

What could be better than wine and science? Probably the only thing better would be not waking up this morning… Alas, the BPS itinerary planner has a full schedule for me today and that includes more exhibitor-sponsored cocktail hours and a look at the eye candy in the “Discovery Dome”.

The poster session yesterday was really great. I got to talk with people I hadn’t seen in a while, meet some new people, and of course talk science. Luckily, this was before the wine. Thought I would share some tips that I noticed from the people that gave the best posters. The first thing that was great was they asked me about my background so they could quickly assess the level of my knowledge. They also talked about the motivation for the project and what the next steps were, as they were talking about the data. Sometimes it is easy to forget the science in all that experimentation! Finally, if there was a crowd at the poster they were able to draw everyone in, instead of just speaking to one person with their back turned.

Today I am looking forward to more posters, more science, and yes, even more wine.

One thought on “Wine and Science…

  1. Funny post, who knew poster presentations could be so fun?… Wine, Eye-Candy, Discovery Dome, and more wine!!

    I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences.

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