I Left My Umbrella in Canada

Highlights from last night’s Molecular Dynamics platform included Plamen Dobrev’s talk about dynamic protonation of residues in simulation. The cooler way of describing it would be to call it a simulation of phantom hydrogens brought through the fourth dimension. This was followed by my favorite talk of the session by the newly minted Dr. Sarah Rauscher from my lab. She gently (using milliseconds of molecular dynamics sampling) shut the door on about 50 years of proposed models to describe the function of elastin, including the model proposed by Christopher Dobson. Later that night after a fruitful poster session, Lewis Kay and Haw Yang dropped some serious experimental biophysics knowledge on my feeble theorist mind. Both delivered excellent presentations on NMR and FRET respectively but I had to leave that workshop half-way through to fill my belly.

Today, I got wrapped up with Timothy Fenn’s talk on Bayesian modelling of crystal structures. He described a forcefield based approach to quantifying the error in crystal structures due to crystal packing or simply flexibility. This morning’s hot sessions were a bit too sparsely scattered for me so I headed to Chicano Park to take some photographs of the murals, only to be violently rained on.

Again, tons of stylish scientists out in full force today. Thanks to Ibrahim Cisse (Ecole Normale Superieure/CNRS), Jonathan Mitchell (EPFL), Michela Ottolia (UCLA) and the extremely fashionable Thao Nguyen (UCLA), Magnus Andersson (UC Irvine) as well as the frequently-blogged-about Fred Shipley (Amherst College). I apologize for not snapping many pictures of fashionable ladies thus far, but hopefully tomorrow!


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