Hi Everyone,

I am behind on blogs and wanted to blog in order on my adventures in San Diego but this warranted an immediate blog. I just got a call from someone claiming to be hotel staff at the place we are staying. They claimed that the power outage at our location disrupted their computer systems and that they needed to “reverify” our credit card on file. I immediately hung up and called the front desk and they were not aware of anyone working with the name given over the phone of the person claiming to work at the hotel. These people sounded official and even knew our last name.

Wanted to warn you all that you should be wary of giving credit information over the phone and always try to do it in person. You should never be asked to give your credit card info over the phone either.

Safe travels,



One thought on “FRAUD ALERT!

  1. Wow. Good thing you didn’t fall for the official sounding voice. A friend got a similar call from someone trying to acquire personal information and what made my friend almost believe them was not an authority voice but the call center background noise. So they are getting more clever.

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