Resisting the Beach with Molecular Biophysics

I have half an hour between my switch from the Molecular Biophysics subgroup to the Bioenergetics subgroup so I thought it might be an ideal time to check-in here.

Mari DeMarco lead the Molecular Biophysics subgroup strongly with a very well-spoken summary of her work on pairing NMR and molecular dynamics to study glycolipids and glycoproteins. Jonathan Essex followed this talk with a thoughtful recap on successes and failures of free energy simulation methods for drug optimization and identification. I think most of the attendees of this session agreed with sentiment of an audience member who spoke during question period saying: “It’s nice to hear a scientist talk about their failures”. The room filled up in anticipation to hear Benoit Roux speak about binding free energy though he had to cancel due to a new child being born and claiming “it being a lot more work than he anticipated” according to the session chair. Congrats to Benoit!

To close, I’ve had absolutely no problem finding stylish scientists at BPS. I’ll be on the lookout throughout the day, but take a look in the quick gallery I’ve made here.  Thanks to Zachary Donhauser (Vassar College), Irep Gözen (Chalmers University of Technology), Jérôme Hénin (CNRS), Chai Lor (UC Merced), for allowing me to post their images online. Most of the people I photographed didn’t consider themselves stylish, but I’d beg to differ! If  I took your photo and it isn’t here, it’s probably because the photo itself wasn’t taken so well, but hopefully I’ll get progressively better at harnessing the beaming California sun.


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