For Better or Worse…

The data has been taken, the figures made, the spiel practiced. For better or worse the poster is printed. It is a masterpiece in pink and purple. No seriously. Amherst College’s school colors are purple and my undergraduate student, Fred Shipley, is a fan of pink. It is the prettiest poster I have ever seen.

Now it is time to catch that awful 6 AM flight I booked to San Diego. It’s almost like Christmas and I might stay up all night since waking up at 3 AM is hard. I can’t wait to see my old advisor, my friends from grad school, and other science friends I have met along the way.

Still to do:

1) Plan my schedule with the online itinerary planner.

2) Make plans to meet up with collaborators.

3) Get in touch with other scientists presenting some interesting results at the meeting.

4) Make sure undergraduate student doesn’t forget poster and push pins!

5) Meet new people – if you are interested in my research or if you are involved in microrheology, AFM, or patch clamp let me know or stop by Fred’s poster – Sunday 1:45-3:45pm, poster 1005.


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