Open Letter to BPS – Sincerely, Kansas

Ladies and gentlemen,

For the next few paragraphs I am going to convince you that this blog is going to be so riveting, so incredibly insightful, and so controversial that it will be the first thing you want to read in the morning, and the last sight you want to see before you sleep.  I will convince you that even though I’m a mere undergraduate (on my way out!), wisdom pours from me like BS from politicians.

But in reality, the vast majority of BPS meeting-goers won’t even read this post.  That’s okay with me; I’m not a big blog reader myself.  For those of you brave souls who care enough, or have such an incredible amount of downtime to read this, I promise to make it entertaining, concise, and most importantly, somewhat meaningful.

My name is Gage Brummer, and I’m 22 years old from the geographic center of the United States – Kansas.  I’m able to attend this meeting because of a travel award I won at The Scripps Research Institute for a poster I presented (read: my poster is pretty stunning, you would be a fool to miss it.)  Tomorrow night I will finish teaching an organic chemistry lab at 10:30, drive the 2 hours from Manhattan (Little Apple) to Kansas City, and board a plane for SD at 5:50 in the morning.  So I’m pretty pumped about that.

That’s all you need, and probably wish, to know about me.  So on to what my posts will primarily include.  Look forward to:

  1. Picturesque descriptions of awkward moments that I observe or am directly involved in at the meeting.
  2. Drink specials and drinks worth getting more than one of.
  3. Interesting anecdotes from the hostel that I am staying at.
  4. Poems and soliloquies inspired by the South California sun and its liberal rays of glory.

I hope I’ve got you hooked.  If I don’t, then I’m not going to cry, but there’s a really good chance that my psyche will be bruised for a while.  I’ll now let you get back to your regularly programmed life, wishing you the happiest of days and the most pleasant of meeting experiences.




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