Style and Science at the BPS Meeting

I’m planning to run an experiment while attending this years BPS meeting. No, I’m not talking about the computational experiments on membrane proteins that I’ll be cranking out back at University of Toronto. Rather, I’ll be carrying out a photography experiment.

The first thing that comes to mind might be a study of how fast I am tackled and physically injured after photographing unpublished scientific research. Out of respect for the BPS photography regulations and my own well-being, that experiment will not be conducted. Instead, my aim is to photograph stylish scientists, Sartorialist-style.

If the blog “This is What a Scientist Looks Like” has taught us anything, it’s that scientists have bizarre hobbies. Discounting that, it illustrates that many scientists possess a fashion sense! I’m not talking about conceptual runway fashions here, I’m talking about  adhering to some basic set of sartorial guidelines for men and women. If fashion really isn’t your thing, you have nothing to worry about (no fashion don’ts).

I’ll be on the hunt for individuals looking sharp and going that extra angstrom on their BPS presentation outfit. As you can imagine, I can’t be everywhere at once so if you notice a smartly dressed scientist at BPS this year, snap a paparazzi photo and throw me an email.

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