Resume/CV uploading

I just finished uploading my CV to the BPS job board and it was MUCH MUCH MUCH more difficult than I anticipated and than it should be.  If you read no further, read this: format your CV first in microsoft word (I used PC and I don’t know if Mac will give other issues).  The .docx format is fine.  BUT – once you upload the file, it will go through an html interpreter that will screw up the formatting.  Then you get to go by hand and fix it.  DO NOT upload a pdf.  The interpreter is terrible with the pdf format, in my single experience.

Why couldn’t the format have only been pdf, which is then saved without any html interpretation and printed straight into the employers book they will receive?  These formats are equally searchable electronically.  All the trouble of html interpretation and the by-hand fixing it requires is nonsense.  Plus, some of the formatting just isn’t possible unless you are willing to hash your own code.

Okay, wanted to get that out there for anyone else who was planing to wait until the Feb 21 deadline for submission to get incorporated into the Resume/CV Binder for the conference.


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