Poster Central

All of the posts I will be sharing with you will be on one of my favorite parts of the BPS meeting – the poster session. At no other meeting that I have been to has the poster session been so well attended and worthwhile. Way to go BPS!

This year I have just started an Assistant Professorship at Amherst College in western Massachusetts. Amherst is a small, private, liberal arts college with some amazing undergraduate students. I have several in my lab working on a range of projects from building an optical trap to detecting micron-sized beads using laser detection. It is great to have my students present posters at BPS to show off all they have accomplished.

I would also like to use the poster session as a place to talk to other scientists that are not in my field, but in fields that I would like to learn about – AFM, microrheology, and patch clamp. Hopefully this blog will help. 🙂

About me: I was an undergraduate at Univ. of Michigan – Ann Arbor and completed a BS in physics and a BE in engineering physics. I went to graduate school at the Univ. of Colorado – Boulder and did my PhD work in optical trapping with Tom Perkins. I did a post doc at Harvard with Aravi Samuel in behavioral neuroscience before taking an Assistant Professorship at Amherst College.

One thought on “Poster Central

  1. That’s great to hear that your poster session had such a great turn out! These can be so informative.
    Congratulations to you on all your hard work and on your Assistant Professorship.

    I can’t wait to read more of your blog.


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