Blood Flows on BiophysJ Cover

Co-authors and members of the Laboratory of Physical Biochemistry at the Research Center for Hematology RAMS in Moscow enlisted the help of designer Alla Isaeva to create the image shown on the cover of the latest issue of Biophysical Journal. Alexey Tokarev, one of the authors, comments on the image below.

This image was created by Alla Isaeva, who is an art designer of our production subdivision HemaCore (see, We had just sketched some possible ideas for her. Alla has invented her own version, which has surpassed all of our requests and expectations. Frankly speaking, her job was complicated by the fact that at once two articles from our lab have simultaneously came into this very issue of the Biophysical Journal (see Balandina et al.). Thus, two competing images were created at once.

Always, it is a great honor for us to get the right to present a picture on the cover of the Biophysical Journal. However, we believe that creation of such an image is an integral part of our scientific work because it helps us to convey the main idea of an article to the reader. In creating this image our goal is to show convexly and simply what an article is about while retaining the realism of the show. And this particular picture embodies the complementarity of the in vivo and in vitro studies of blood flow, as it combines the glass tube and the blood vessel.

We invite readers to visit the website of our lab ( where the main directions and results of our research in the field of blood flow, hemostasis and thrombosis, cell division, intracellular signalling, methionine matabolizm, etc., are presented. You are welcome!


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