Bridging Disciplines: Annelise Barron’s BiophysJ Cover Image

Biophysical Journal author Annelise Barron, Stanford University, discusses the image she and her lab created for the most recent issue of BiophysJ.

Our research bridges chemistry, biology, and engineering to design and study how specific chemical modifications affect structure and, ultimately, functionality in therapeutically relevant systems, i.e., for the treatment of respiratory-related disorders in this instance.

Here, the cover image is a mosaic of atomic force microscopy images of the air-liquid interface of a lipid formulation containing an alkylated, synthetic (peptoid) analogue of lung surfactant protein C at various surface pressures. Not only are these images aesthetically pleasing, they also provide insight into how a relatively simple modification, N-terminal alkylation, gives rise to significant alterations in biophysical surface activity.

Having our images selected for the cover of Biophysical Journal is very exciting, in that, it provides us the opportunity to share these images and the knowledge gained from them with the greater scientific community. The images intimately showcase how structure relates to function. More of our work can be viewed at

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