The Product Guide is Now Available Online to the Scientific Community

Access the NEW Online Product Guide

All  Society members receive a printed version of our annual product guide in the mail with their membership directory. We are excited that this year we are able to provide a new searchable service to the entire scientific community through an online version of the guide.

What is the Online Product Guide? It is a live, continually updated, fully searchable list of suppliers and products that a biophysicist like you would need. Rather than doing a search on a search engine like Google, which can result in a an unwieldy number of results, here, BPS has done the legwork to get quality products available for your browsing, and a search that will return only items that may apply to your specific scientific needs. Once you find the product you are looking for,  you can use the information available in the guide to make your purchase with ease.

You can manage your search by type of product, company location, or company name. Some of the high profile companies that can be found in this guide include Sutter, Photon Technology International, World Precision Instruments, and nPoint inc–just to name a few. From Amplifiers to Zeta Potential Measuring Devices, we hope that you can use this tool to benefit your lab or university.

Want to see a company or product that is not listed? Let us know! We will do our best to add those services to the guide in the near future.

Now that you know about the Online Product Guide, TRY IT OUT!

Look for this symbol on our website!


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