Chromatin Meeting Coming Up – A Quick Reminder to Attendees

The “Dynamic DNA Packaging Across Kingdoms: Chromatin and Beyond” Meeting is coming up! We are looking forward to seeing you at Asilomar, California on July 5!  Below are several items of particular interest to you as you prepare for the meeting.

The online study book is now available!  Please download the entire study book and read all materials before arrival at Asilomar.  Please bring the study book with you to Asilomar as none will be available onsite. Attendees are asked to come prepared with questions and comments in order to foster participation and discussion throughout the meeting.

The meeting will start with a reception and dinner the evening of July 5, followed by Session 1.  The meeting will end with lunch, following Session 6, on July 8.  The meeting will be organized in a total of six sessions. Thirty-minute slots include 10 minutes for questions, and 15-minute slots include 5 minutes for questions.  View the final program for yourself!

Upon arrival to Asilomar Conference Grounds, please go to the Front Desk located in the Social Hall to check in and pick up your room key(s), meal tickets, and a map of Asilomar Conference Grounds.  BPS registration will be held in Chapel on Tuesday, July 5, beginning at 3:00 pm.  Badges and additional meeting materials will be available for pick-up.

Questions? Visit the Chromatin Meeting website or contact the Society office at or 240-290-5600.

We look forward to seeing you in Asilomar at the upcoming Chromatin meeting!


One thought on “Chromatin Meeting Coming Up – A Quick Reminder to Attendees

  1. Thank you..really informative!!

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