Welcome, Students of Biophysics!

Eleven students from various academic and cultural backgrounds have gathered at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a common goal: to spend the summer immersed in biophysics.

As the fourth class of students to attend the NIGMS-funded Biophysical Society Summer Course: Case Studies in the Physics of Life, these students will spend the next 11 weeks in lectures, seminars, and most importantly, in the lab with hand-picked mentors, elbow-deep in biophysics-related research projects of their choice. Course Director Barry Lentz and Assistant Director Mike Jarstfer have lined up visiting speakers to supplement the core UNC faculty lectures and give students the opportunity to investigate biophysics programs at other institutions. The full Course schedule also includes professional development classes on topics such as writing a personal statement, presenting an abstract, and research collaboration ethics. Field trips to the beach, a minor league baseball game, and Duke University are on the summer’s agenda, too.

Meet this year’s Summer Course students:

Joshua Cochran
Missoula, Montana
Biochemistry Major, Physics Minor

Gladys Díaz Vázquez
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Biology Major, Physics Minor

Alba Katiria González Rivera
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Microbiology Technology Major

Jazmyne Hefflefinger
Dover, Delaware
Movement Science: Pre-Health Professional Major

Vontriska Jones
Winson-Salem, North Carolina
Biology Major, Chemistry Minor

Jasmine Martich
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Mathematics Major, Biology & Chemistry Minor

Chukwunweike George Nwangwu
Towson, Maryland
Chemistry Major

Alexius Otto
New York, New York
Mathematics Major, German Minor

Mahmoud Shobair
Gainesville, Florida
Physics Major

Ilyssa Summer
Tempe, Arizona
Mathematics Major (PhD candidate)

Rauta Aver Yakubu
Columbia, Missouri
Biochemistry Major, Sociology Minor

And now, meet the three TA’s helping out with the Course:

Tim Jacobs
First-Year Grad Student
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology/Biophysics

Gregg Rice
First-Year Grad Student

Matt Smola
First-Year Grad Student

Stay tuned for Course updates throughout the summer!

For more information about the BPS Summer Course, visit the Summer Course website or contact the Course Administrator, Erica Retrosi (eretrosi@biophysics.org).


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