Day 2: Going Steady

So, it’s been a while since my last post, so let’s just pretend i needed a couple days to collect my thoughts.  The second day at the conference was eventful.  Despite a few run-ins with the unnecessarily-stringent conference staff (they misprinted my badge), I went to a bunch of talks and started to get used to their format and understand them a little better.  The talks were not given the same sized rooms as the previous day, but many were great nonetheless.  The IDP people still had it going on, and the New and Notable section was of course interesting.  Our group stuck together for the most part, even though we went to talks from the two aforementioned, the Protein Dynamics group, and Steven Chu (who had bonus round after bonus round at the end of his talk).  We then went to see Alice’s (Hailiu’s) poster, and sadly no one elses.  Lunch takes precedence after 2 o’clock.

One thing I began to notice today is how interactive these talks are.  The speakers will present their work, and interested scientists will take notes on each one, formulating new ideas for their own work.  At the end of the talk, the speakers takes a couple of questions, which are sometimes to ask for clarification and sometimes to point out weaknesses in the project’s design or things they have overlooked.  And undoubtedly, their peers will afterwards bring up any concerns or ideas they have.  I guess this is why Casey likes these conferences so much, and has so much faith in their cooperation and general friendliness.  I had heard that overseas, researchers are more cooperative, but I’m impressed by the extent to which they are in the U.S.  It’s like they’re trying to go Honor Code on us all of a sudden.

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