Already Over

It is hard to believe that the meeting is almost over already.  I am about to attend my last set of lectures before leaving at the very end of the conference.  By the time anyone reads this, it will probably be totally over.  It all went by so fast.  Like others, I was quite busy visiting posters and attending seminars.  I got a lot out of today’s poster session, as they must have saved the best for last.  A postdoc in my lab could not attend the meeting, although he had prepared a poster, so I sat in for him.  It was hard because there were so many posters to check out that were going on at the same time.  All of these lectures and presentations have left my brain a little fried and my attention span is almost depleted.  It’s all good, though.  It was a wonderful experience and I hope to reflect on what I saw and apply to my research on a physical and theoretical level.

After the conference, I plan on traveling up the east coast to visit some old friends who moved to the area for a couple of days before returning home.   I look forward to going to next year’s meeting.  I will also see some attendees at other conferences this year, so I look forward to catching up.


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