March 7

I think the bustle of the conference is starting to catch up with me; I slept in this morning until a little past eight and ended up missing a few of the early talks.  Once I got down to the conference center though, it was back to business, starting with a quick bite at the new member meet n’ greet, a couple of talks in the IDP platform, and the undergraduate breakfast at noon (really?!).  After hearing a few people talk and eating some pretty bad pizza, I went down with my group to the main floor to stand by my poster.

The poster session went a lot better than I thought it would.  Rather than being constantly grilled with tough questions like I had imagined would happen, I found myself getting the opportunity to share the things I had learned over the past year with a diverse but friendly audience, and even received some useful advice.  After finishing the poster, our group went out with the Hamilton group to the Cheesecake Factory, where we got dinner before the national lecture by Art Horwich, which, having spent a lot of time the past year learning about chaperonins, I found fascinating.  After the lecture, there was a huge party, complete with a band/dancers.  While this was just about the last thing I expected to see a meeting like this, it ended being a lot of fun, with the highlight of the evening being Casey dancing to Single Ladies.  I feel worn thin now, but I only have one more day to get through.


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