Living it up, biophysical style


Starting with the end of the day first, I just returned from the reception/dance, and let me tell you: these science people know how to party… haha, maybe. My two favorite foods were present (ice cream and cheese) in addition to coffee(!!!) so, needless to say, I was happy. There was live music and lots of people rockin’ on the dance floor. I was actually super impressed by how many people were dancing; there were some serious moves going on out there. The highlight for me was Casey (my PI) attempting to do the “Single Ladies” dance… something that I think is way too hard for people who don’t have Beyonce’s mad skill (which isn’t to say Casey is a bad dancer, just that we science people spend too much time in the lab and not enough time training to be able to move that way).

On a more serious note, I started the day off with a talk by Ralph Langen on my favorite protein, alpha-synuclein (surprise!!).  He was talking about its role in membrane curvature, which was something that I was familiar with but didn’t know much about, so I learned a lot. I finished off the morning with some more talks in the IDP subgroup, as usual. In the afternoon, the rest of the people in the Londergan lab gave their poster presentations, but I’ll let them tell you about it themselves.


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