fly legs, tea, poster, partying it up

I feel like today was three days crammed into one. I started off the day (finally) getting a good breakfast and then headed to the protein dynamics platform followed by the new members welcome coffee. We were pleasantly surprised with bagels and yummy tea for those of us who arent coffee drinkers.

After some converstation during our brunch, we jumped in on the IDP platform and heard some great talks. Personal favorites included Martina Huber, Agnieszka Kalinowski and Sarah Bondos. We had dinner with Sarah on Saturday night with the IDP group, so we were all interested to see her crazy fly pictures. She did not disappoint, and I think hers was the best quote of the entire meeting, “On a good day you get legs growing out of your eyeballs..on a bad day, you die.” After crashing the undergrad symposium, we got ready for our poster session. Matt and I had a ton of traffic to our poster, steady from about 1:30 until after 4. I got some really good ideas/suggestions from some people, and some compliments too, which is always great. I still need to hit up those vendors, though..I hope they still have some free stuff tomorrow!

After changing out of my uncomfy heels I had just stood in for several hours, we went out to dinner to the Cheesecake Factory with students from Hamilton and Gettysburg Colleges which was a lot of fun. We made it back to the conference center in plenty of time to get good seats for the awards and National Lecture. (shout out to Albert Mao for being a winner in the poster competition!) The lecture was great, it was amazing to see the culimination of years of work and many contributers to lead to such an incredible discovery. Unfortunately it was FREEZING in the ballroom which made it a little hard to enjoy. Directly after this was the reception/dance. I never expected there to be people actually dancing.. We made our ice cream sundaes, got our free drinks, and did our best to imitate the dance moves the band was doing. As Alice said, the priceless moment of the whole conference was seeing Casey (two beers in) dancing. Again, over all a really great day.


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