Sunday, March 6

Sunday started early; talks began at 8:15, and I wanted to make sure I was early enough to get a seat after the overcrowding on Saturday.  Rather than staying in one room the whole time like I had done with the IDP subgroup talks the previous day, I jumped around, not staying in one room for more than two presenters in a row.  The highlight of the morning was Lawrence Lee’s new and notable lecture in which he talked about the structure of the bacterial flagellar motor not only because he showed how he solved a complex problem, but also because his presentation was very polished and included animated slides that showed everything he was talking about.  In the afternoon I attended Steven Chu’s talk with the rest of my group, which was interesting (and a little long).

After visiting Alice at her poster, Matt, Marta, and I went out for a late lunch at a noodle place by the inner harbor.  Unfortunately it started raining while we were eating, so we explored the building we were in trying to find a way back that didn’t involve getting soaked, and wound up discovering a nice collection of indoor restaurants and shops that resembled a miniature version of Reading Terminal in Philadelphia.  After exploring for a bit, we managed to get back to the conference center.  Later in the evening, we went out as a group to Dukem Restaurant, and Ethiopian place that I had looked up.  The food was excellent and we had a good time; even Shannon wasn’t too upset by the selection (I think there’s photographic evidence somewhere of Shannon eating the food).  Overall, it was another long but exciting day.


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