On forth, brave one!

Today (actually yesterday….couldn’t quite figure out how to post before…) we began the journey to my very first Biophysical Society Meeting. Despite Casey’s projection of us being rambunctious as he carted us around soccer mom-style, we were very sleepy car-goers (I think we all fell asleep after reading about a paragraph or so of our homework). So overall, the trip was uneventful. We arrived, checked in, then got down to some biophysical awesomeness (after a slight detour through the EMS conference due to some faulty directions). There were a lot of talks today all of which were super crowded. We only got to hear a bit of Christopher Dobson’s opening talk (we couldn’t really see due to the number of people in front of us) then after lunch I pretty much hung out in the intrinsically disordered proteins platform. Elizabeth Rhoades gave a talk on alpha-synuclein (the protein that I have been working with) which was really interesting (along with just about everything else). This whole meeting has been like nothing I’ve been to so far. I feel like you really get a glimpse of both the expansiveness and interconnectedness of the scientific community at functions like this. There are so many people here, yet a lot of them seem to know each other (either personally, through their research, or both).

To keep up the standard set by last year’s bloggers, I have to give the food a quick shout out. There was free coffee (from Starbucks!), which was unexpected and incredibly appreciated. Tonight we went out with the intrinsically disordered proteins subgroup to Nick’s sea food, which was absolutely delicious and included tons and tons of food. They kept bringing us oysters (I had my first one/three…delicious!) until people were shouting for them to stop. And dessert consisted of tons and tons of cookies and brownies, which we brought home in to-go boxes for some noms tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my poster presentation! I’m a bit nervous/intimidated but excited too… we’ll see how it goes.


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