small thoughts on Saturday

The large crew from Haverford arrived on Saturday around 12:30pm and we were greeted by the EMS Today conference at the other end of the convention center and Erica Retrosi, who greeted us with fancy green ribbons.  Watch out for the people with the fancy green ribbons!  You might get blogged without knowing it.

The talks on Saturday were almost all way too full; my group had to sit on the floor for Chris Dobson’s talk.  The talks were great and the crowds were really tough.  It is too bad that the BPS routinely brings in truly excellent speakers on Saturday and then sticks them in rooms that are too small for the spectator population.  Subgroups are a very important part of the Society, and despite their medium-small memberships, their symposia are often hugely popular.  This is not a secret anymore, and for each of the past four years I have been stuck in standing-room-only conditions on Saturday.  Two recommendations come of out of this:

  1. For the BPS: put the Saturday talks in bigger rooms!!! This is really an unsustainable situation.
  2. For all of you people out there: join a division!  This would mean more funds for the subgroup meetings, and thus probably an easy route to larger rooms.  It costs $20 to join the IDP subgroup, and this was about the best money I spent as far as professional memberships go.

One thought on “small thoughts on Saturday

  1. Students, you can join subgroups for free! Can’t afford not to join. Choose one (or more!):

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