oysters?? no thank you!

Wow today was tiring..actually I guess yesterday was tiring since it is now after midnight.

You can read in Marta and Alice’s posts about some of our adventures from today..beginning with our soccer mom/PI bringing us from Haverford to Baltimore in style, mini-van style. Who has time for lunch when you are late to get to the best talks of the whole meeting? We tried our best to shove our way into what was supposed to be one of the best lectures of the intrinsically disordered proteins symposia: Chris Dobson. Unfortunately we ended up sitting on the floor straining to see the slides.

Hunger took over and being unaware of a Starbucks within the convention center, we were recommended to go across the street to Kona Grill, which had some pretty cool aquatic displays. It took a while to get some food, but it was well worth it.

The afternoon was much more enjoyable as we managed to secure seats for the remaining lectures in the intrisically disordered proteins (IDPs) symposia. Elizabeth Rhoads gave an interesting talk on alpha-synuclein, mimicking oxidative stress on tyrosine residues by nitrating them. I was particularly interested to hear the talk by Trevor Creamer on the protein calcineurin, a protein activated by calmodulin, the protein I have been studying. It was cool to see calmodulin used in his experiments, but from the perspective of a different protein.

Stephen was pretty excited to go to the “meet and greet” mixer, so we headed over only to end up meeting and greeting each other, as most of the people (and the food) had disappeared by that point. We were lucky enough that Casey somehow managed to get us into the dinner with the IDP subgroup. This occurred at a seafood restaurant, so I was personally not thrilled with the idea, being that I am a pretty picky eater..but there was plenty of food to go around…though luckily I didnt lose my appetite from watching Kevin and Marta slurp down some sea creatures that would have otherwise been happily going about their lives in the bottom of the ocean. We sat with some really great people from other groups and heard some great stories. Over all, a really great day with some great people.


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