March 5

Hi all.  I’m one of the rambunctious kids from the backseat (see the previous post by clonderg) and am attending the society meeting for the first time.  As an undergraduate student, I am new to both biophysics and the scientific research community, but am excited to be here and talk about my experiences.

We arrived at the conference center just in time to catch Christopher Dobson’s talk, which I found especially interesting because just yesterday I listened to a lecture on Dobson’s work during a class, and wasn’t expecting to see the actual man talk the next day.  I spent most of the rest of the afternoon sitting in on talks in the IDP subgroup, which were all very good.  One thing I’ve noticed is that much more background knowledge is assumed in these talks than in the talks I’ve seen at back at Haverford, but I guess that’s to be expected.  After the talks we went out to the IDP subgroup dinner, met some people, and generally had a good time.  Its been a long day, but I’m looking forward to what the next few days will bring.


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