Day 1: Getting Acquainted

Today was our first day in Baltimore, but we couldn’t take much time to get settled: there were some big talks today.  What we were most interested in was the Intrinsically Disordered Protein Symposium, which our whole group went to, because even though most of us don’t use these, they’re a clear application of our probes.  At least that’s how I justified it.  Whatever the reason, the talks were interesting and related to our projects.  Dr. Christopher Dodson was the keynote speaker, and he gave an interesting lecture, though the overcrowded, very large room and lunch prevented us from taking it all in.  For the rest of the talks, I followed along, but I also tried to pay attention to the presenters’ styles and techniques that made them more or less clear and interesting.  One of the most effective presenters was Dr. Creamer, who managed to overcome a lack of data and conclusions with self-deprecating humor and good organization.  In my mind he was second only to Dr. Rhoades, whose presentation on alpha-synuclein was clear and interesting from her steady yet brisk style, which allowed her to give a good amount of detail to make it interesting.  She also showed clear preparation, as her word choice was always deliberate and informative.

I could say more about the content of the presentations, but it’s time for bed.  Getting up early for talks tomorrow (starting at 8:15!) and there are so many posters to see.  None that I could find related to Calbindin d9k, but I guess that just makes my part of our poster special.

P.S. Haven’t met any other undergrads yet (the only connection we made at the Meet and Greet was with the snack bar), but we had dinner with some grad students and post-docs and learned a lot.  It turns out a lot of people like science.


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