Coming to Baltimore

My group arrived in Baltimore yesterday afternoon, and since then, we have immediately made some new friends at the convention center at the nice reception that they had for us.  There was a planned large group going out to dinner, first at Kona Grill, but then somewhere else when it was realized that Kona Grill could not accomodate such a large group.  Last night, a small group of us decided to go on our own to Kona Grill for some drinks and sushi, which I highly recommend all attendees to do at least once while here.  One postdoc that accompanied us never had sushi before, and we were also with another student who was a sushi expert, so it was a good experience sharing sushi with a newbie and an expert.  By the way, there is a $10 or less appetizer that can be had for free when attendees show their badges.  After that, we walked around the Inner Harbor district, visiting some other places around there before calling it a night.

This morning, I attended some platform sessions on intrinsically disordered proteins.  A lot of these discussions dealt with simulations of proteins and theoretical studies of intrinsically disordered proteins.  Some talks had experimental data to back up their claims, which I appreciate as an experimentalist.

In future posts, I will write more on the scientific part of the meetings.  Right now, I need to prepare for my poster presentation this afternoon.  I’ll see you there.


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