Bloggers/Tweeter’s meetup?

On a different note: is there any plan for the bloggers/tweeters at the annual meeting to meet-up? Perhaps an exchange of ideas on why we feel it is important to use blogging and other social media channels for dissemination of scientific information? (Or, pretty much anything under the sun.)

We can meet sometime during the breaks in the meeting at the convention center.  Or even better, meetup over some beers at one of the many conveniently located pubs in the vicinity of the convention center.

If you are interested please leave a comment or contact via twitter @omespeak.

2 thoughts on “Bloggers/Tweeter’s meetup?

  1. markita landry

    Blogger/tweeter meet-up would be great! Maybe somewhere/time during the dance tomorrow night?

  2. @markita: That sounds like a good idea. We should tweet a location when we are at the Society reception later tonite.

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