Getting Ready for the SRAA Competition

So with less than 20 days left until the Annual Meeting, the Student Research Achievement Award (SRAA) Poster Competition is finally ready to go! With over 300 participants, a Society record, organizing this event required a little more time than in past years. Luckily we found the perfect home for all 309 posters during our site visit to the Baltimore Convention Center last week. It took a bit of creativity to work out a floor plan to fit all of those poster boards, but much to the relief of the staff member coordinating this event (yes, that would be me!), we found enough space for every board.

The SRAA Poster Competition, for those of you who do not know, is open to all BPS Student members who are presenting posters at the Annual Meeting. Students registered for this event when they submitted their abstract, and will compete against other participants in one of nine subject categories.

Today, all judges’ clipboards, scorecards, and blank certificates for the winners were packed up. Did I mention that there are more than 50 judges this year? That’s a lot of clipboards!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the SRAA Poster Competition winners at the National Lecture & Awards Ceremony on Monday night!


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